Lifewave Compensation Plan: Why Distributors Are Moving to MyWinningFactor At A Record Clip?

Lifewave Compensation Plan Can’t Compete…And Because When Steve Smith Talks…Network Marketers Listen!

Quick background, Steve Smith was Co-Founder of Excel Telecommunications and the genius behind their network marketing program.  Excel was once recognized as the fastest growing business in the United States reaching $1 Billion in sales 9 years faster than Microsoft.  Under his guidance the sales force of independent distributors grew to more than 2,000,000 strong.  Steve is also recognized as one of the first network marketers to ever earn over $1.2 million per month.  Because of his unprecedented success as a network marketer Steve’s been afforded the opportunity to participate with just about every network marketing company that has started since Excel, but he’s only chosen a few to work with.

Steve Smith has recently decided to join forces with Steven Smith, the founder of MyWinningFactor who coincidentally in 2004 was responsible for the launch and success of Lifewave which has since grown to over 100,000 distributors. 

This Is Where It Starts To Get Interesting

If Steven Smith who created Lifewave’s compensation plan and was responsible for the launch and success of Lifewave why is he no longer there?  I read on the internet that Steve Smith took Lifewave to court for unethical business practices in 2005 and later settled out of court .  Since Steven settled his lawsuit with Lifewave he has been on a mission to align himself with John Schaeffer, “The Godfather” when it comes to acupressure using holographic technology.  John has been testing and developing these discs on world class athletes for the last 12 years but has not considered making them available to general public…until now!

Watch This Video: Compensation Plan Lifewave Vs. MyWinningFactor

Once Steven Smith had an exclusive agreement with John Schaeffer it was time to create the compensation plan.  Since Steven Smith was the one that created  Lifewave’s compensation plan  that would be easy… make it easier for the distributors to make a lot more money doing the exact same thing.  Here’s a video showing the earning potential, apples Vs. apples if you will.

 Watch Video Now

You Do The Same Work…You Get The Same Results…Except When You Get Paid!

Lifewave vs MWF

Who Wants To Give Themselves A Raise?

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I had the opportunity to speak with Steve Smith (from Excel) last week and ask him what it was that got him so excited  about MyWinningFactor.  He told me that when he started Excel, the long distance industry was a $70 Billion year market, today the pain relief market is a $386 Billion year market…He said he’s been looking for the next big thing…something that could be much bigger than Excel…Having already made quite a name for himself, his reputation means everything to him, so having a product that gets results goes without saying.

If You Like Lifewave’s Compensation Plan…You’re Going To Love Making 3 Times More Money!

MyWinningFactor currently offers Pain Relief Discs and has an Energy Disc which is in production.  These will be followed by many other products utilizing acupressure via holographic discs including sleep and weight loss.  If you haven’t had a chance to try MyWinningFactor Pain Relief Discs…

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This Is Becoming A Feeding Frenzy For Lifewave Distributors

Smart Lifewave distributors see that they can make at least 3 times as much money as they’re making with Lifewave.  They also realize that they can bring over other Lifewave distributors that aren’t currently in their group.  It’s a no brainer really…

Lifewave’s Compensation Plan Doesn’t Have Coded Bonuses...

Click Here To Watch Video Explaining Coded Bonuses

This is the real reason that everyone is defecting from Lifewave…Lifewave’s Compensation Plan Does NOT Have Coded Bonuses!

If you got excited about making 3 times what you were making with Lifewave…you won’t be able to sleep after watching the Coded Bonus video.


Click Here To Watch Video Explaining Coded Bonuses

If you have any questions about MyWinningFactor products or why Lifewave’s compensation plan can’t compete, please feel free to  call us at 855-MWF-DISC or 855-693-3472

Steve Moran – Independent Distributor, MyWinningFactor

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